Conflict of Interest

Due to heightened ethical scrutiny at the federal level, including fellows placed in congressional or other federal offices, the NPO will request information from finalists about ongoing personal and professional activities or interests that might conflict with the participation of a fellow in congressional or federal assignments. This disclosure is required to identify any activity or interest that might:
1. significantly impair the fellow’s objectivity, or
2. create an unfair competitive advantage for any person or organization.

Each finalist will provide a list of past, existing and future paid and unpaid activities, board affiliations, consultancies or other interests and sources of financial support. To preserve the integrity of the fellowship program and to ensure that the fellow—during tenure as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow—is not compromised by the appearance of a conflict of interest, fellows will sign a statement affirming that there is no conflict of interest or competing interest that would preclude the fellow from accepting a congressional or executive branch placement during the fellowship year.The term “conflict of interest” applies not only to the personal interests of the fellow but also to the interests of others with whom the fellow has substantial common financial interests, including the fellow’s spouse and dependent children.

As a condition of the fellowship, the fellow may be required by the federal government to submit a financial disclosure statement and sign a declaration of adherence to policies and laws governing codes of ethical conduct. For more information about specific ethics determinations, please visit and