Kirsten Johnson, MPH

Fellowship Profile

Fellowship Year:  (2018-2019)
Fellowship Assignment(s):
Representative Ronald Kind (D-WI)


Kirsten Johnson is the health officer of the newly merged Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department. In the merge efforts, Johnson worked to reorganize, align services, and modernize the joint department. She helped write the intergovernmental agreement and negotiated statutory changes to allow for a merged payment structure. She formed a new, independent board of health; broadened the department’s population health focus; and positioned the new department to act as the chief health strategist in both counties, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of department programs. Prior to merging the Washington and Ozaukee Public Health Departments, Johnson was the health officer of the Ozaukee County Public Health Department. She worked to expand the scope of the public health department and engage the broader community in improving the health of Ozaukee County residents. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, Johnson worked with rural midwives on malaria prevention, nutrition, pre- and post-natal care, HIV/AIDS prevention, family planning, and women’s literacy programs. Other past experience includes working at the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health in New Orleans on adolescent girl reproductive health issues and cardiovascular disease prevention in African American and Latino women. Johnson was also the coordinator of health education programs for Aurora Health Care. Johnson received her undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and her master of public health from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. The Wisconsin Public Policy Forum awarded Johnson the Intergovernmental Cooperation Award (2017). She has also been awarded the University of Wisconsin Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs Lloyd D. Gladfelter Award for Government Innovation (2016).

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