Michelle Dennison, PhD, RD/LD

Fellowship Profile

Fellowship Year:  (2018-2019)
Fellowship Assignment(s):
HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
Sponsoring Institution:
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic
Discipline / Profession:
Clinical Nutrition


Michelle Dennison is the director of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Department at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. She is responsible for developing effective and sustainable obesity-related chronic disease prevention programs for American Indians and their families. Dennison is also the founder and director of the nonprofit Native Youth Preventing Diabetes Coalition. She coordinates the organization’s efforts to reduce the lifelong risks of obesity among at-risk children. Her research focus involves pediatric obesogenic behaviors and associations to obesity-related chronic disease prevention. Dennison completed her undergraduate training at Oklahoma State University. She earned a master of science in nutrition from the University of Central Oklahoma and a doctorate in allied health from the University of Oklahoma. She is a previous awardee of the National Congress of American Indians Graduate Health Fellowship, the National Indian Health Board’s Area/Regional Impact Award, and the Indian Health Service’s award for Exceptional Performance for Health Promotion and Wellness.

Key Information

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